What Territories Are Available?

The search for your first location is a team effort that involves several resources and franchise partnerships. We have a well-established relationship with several national real estate groups to assist you in the following manner:

  • Territory research and site analytics
  • Lease review and negotiation
  • Lease execution

You and your broker will have at your disposal powerful tools to identify prime space. We do this through thoughtful and careful analysis of the following data:

  • Demographic analytics
  • Population and salon count density
  • Income levels

The ideal location for a successful Salons by JC store is primarily in a vibrant, highly trafficked shopping center that provides adequate parking, easy ingress/egress and security to our tenants and their guests. Since our business model is more B2B, we have as secondary conditions decent signage and storefront visibility.

The advantages and benefits we bring to the search are numerous:

  • Landlords want to work with an established national brand
  • Landlords want to work with established commercial real estate brokers
  • Our real estate services are at no cost to you
  • It’s a streamlined process with checklists, specific guidance, and oversight by Salons by JC
  • Single source for ongoing transaction management
  • During the Discovery Process, you will be provided information about available markets and trade areas.
  • Currently, we have availability in nearly all 50 states
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