Photoshoot Frequent Questions

Photoshoot Questions:

  • Under Option A, how do we handle tenant turnover, getting photos of new tenants that will come in one at a time?
    1. is the best solution because you can take individual headshots on an as-needed basis. 
  • If we choose to use, is there no cost for uploading as the concierges will be capable of uploading these on an ongoing basis?
    1. Prior to March 20th:  There will be a cost of $500. You’ll upload these photos to the non-Luupe portal, but then The Luupe will be loading these to your non-live directory prior to the new website. After April 30th: After the new website launch. Your concierge will upload these photos directly to your directory free of charge.
  • If there are private contractors who specifically want these photos and paid good money for them, are you going to have to approve them?
    1. Yes, salon owners can use their professional headshots, however, all photos MUST meet the min standards outlined in the photo guidelines. 
  • What about new locations that have fewer than 20 salon owners? Is Option A cost still the same?
    1. Yes, Option A will still be the set price.
  • Will we have access to photos used for the website to use on our social pages, possible window clings on folders and sales materials, etc?
    1. Yes, these photos along with other brand-approved assets for the new brand will be shared after the new website launch.
  • What exactly is the photo shoot going forward (after the first shoot) for Option A? How often will it happen and how much will it cost? 
    1. Once you get both your exterior/interior building and tenants photos completed as part of Option A,  we are recommending that you use to get new individual salon owner headshots completed as new tenants sign leases. 
  • Is getting a second day of turn-key photos an option?
    1. You would have to request 2 shoot days with The Luupe, and it will be the same price for the second day.
  • If we opt out of A & B, can we upload Suite Renter photos as soon as the site is launched? Once launched, the location page will be locked but available for image updates that would need to be submitted and uploaded via the SBJC marketing team. However, as it relates to the directory, concierges will be able to modify salon owner content, load professional images (using, or use the placeholder images provided.

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