Salesforce – 2021 Enhancements

Opportunities Converted – Add Rent Information – 11/1/2021
One area that we haven’t covered much is converting a Lead into an Opportunity upon a Signed Lease. Don’t be confused by the term ‘Opportunity’

By converting a lead into your lease information into the new ‘Opportunity’ section, Salesforce will allow you to track all your sales in one place. We will be able to provide you with a report that will show you all leases closed for the month.

View Sales Notes in List View and Printable View – 11/1/2021
When viewing leads in the List View (or Printable View/PDF), it wasn’t possible to know the details of the lead status.
Now you can put notes in the field named as “Sales Notes” and view them easily in the List Views.

Inability To Save Emails With No Address – 09/11/2021
ISSUE: Several of you mentioned that you weren’t able to update a lead since there was no email address. To circumvent the system, many of you used bogus email addresses.
RESOLUTION: This has now been fixed so that the email address is not necessary to save the updated lead information. To avoid any issues going forward, please go back into your leads and remove the email addresses that aren’t valid.

Enhanced Referral List – 09/11/2021
ISSUE: There was a limited number of selections for how a lead came to us.
RESOLUTION: Inside the lead, in the Lead Source field, you can choose additional reasons which includes Referral by Tenant, Referral by Customer & Referral by Beauty Rep.

Enhanced Lost Reasons – 09/11/2021
ISSUE: There was a limited number of selections for how we can classify the reason a lead was lost.
RESOLUTION: Inside the lead, in the in the Lead Status, mark it as ‘Lost.’ In the ‘Lost Reason,’ you can choose additional reasons which includes:

Competitor – Salon Lofts
Competitor – Phenix
Competitor – Sola
Competitor – My Salon Suite
Prohibited Service*
Wrong Number***

*Prohibited Service – primarily for prohibited use – for us its teeth whitening, body contouring, microblading, etc.
**Not Established – can’t afford suite, no clientele, out of school, etc.
***Wrong Number – primarily for customer calling for a service or wrong numbers

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