How Do I Build My First Store?

Construction Services are provided by CDS Management. CDS provides a turn-key approach with years of experience in construction management on a national level. As you narrow your real estate search and prepare for LOI, we strongly encourage you to begin meeting with CDS so you are prepared to perform construction due-diligence while you are negotiating your lease. This will reduce your opening time.

In addition, we encourage you to work directly with our corporate construction team to ensure budget and corporate standards are being followed. All franchisees are required to use CDS for due diligence and design. The entire construction window of your project follows a very strict program.

CDS Management will assist you in developing and creating preliminary floor plans, surveys, site investigation reports and architectural plans. In addition, they bring years of experience in managing large national brand expansions which ensures you have the expertise you need to handle contractor bids, zoning issues, permitting problems and governmental compliance requirements.

Our construction commitment to you:

  • Experienced construction management team
  • National roll-out program fees
  • Single point of contact during construction
  • Budget and schedule management
  • Representation to landlords, city inspectors, vendors and general contractors
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Choosing the right franchise opportunity to suit your life goals is a daunting task. It’s important to soak up all the information you can about the various types of franchises and how their successful operation will impact your life.

We’ve put together a report with an in-depth look at the semi-absentee ownership concepts and urge you to check it out. No obligation, just pages of thought-provoking and very relevant industry information.

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A Parting Gift

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